What Is Caucus

    The District 112 Caucus

Who We Are

The Caucus is a private, non-partisan group of community volunteers consisting of delegates selected by the PTO’s from each of District 112’s schools and includes both parents of students and community members who do not have children in the District. These volunteers meet to agree on a set of criteria and questions, which the Caucus relies upon to identify qualified candidates for the NSSD 112 School Board.  This year, there were 56 voting members of the Caucus drawn from across the District and representing a wide range of opinions and viewpoints. 


The Caucus is not affiliated with NSSD 112 or any political action committee.  The caucus, historically, focuses on the job and endorses candidates based on broad qualifications of serving on the NSSD 112 School Board rather than single issues of the day.

Caucus Objectives

The goals of the Caucus are to: (1) exchange ideas and facilitate concerted action on matters of mutual educational and community interest; (2) obtain input from a cross-section of community members who reside throughout the geographic boundaries of the District and who reflect the District’s varied stakeholders; and (3) find, endorse, and support to the conclusion of the election, qualified candidates for the NSSD District Board.

Process Overview

We are governed by By-Laws that are updated every two years.  According to our by-laws, endorsement of a candidate requires a vote of at least two-thirds of the delegates to the Caucus. It reflects the consensus reached by a diverse group of stakeholders across District 112 that the endorsed candidates are highly qualified to serve the interests of the community on the District 112 School Board over the next four years.  

District 112 is fortunate to have so many capable and qualified members of the community who have stepped forward to run for the NSSD 112 School Board. In December, after meeting with seven candidates for the NSSD 112 School Board, the District 112 Caucus voted to endorse the following candidates for election to the School Board:


•   Dan Jenks

•   Art Kessler

•   Brent Ross

Candidate Endorsement for 2016-17