Board of education member expecations



●     Being open-minded regarding issues and considering the facts and details of all sides

●     Adaptive:  the issues that come before the BOE are more diverse than any single issue

●     Interested in, “doing homework,” including necessary research

●     Has a searching approach to identifying and accounting for consequences of potential actions


Thinking / Acting:

●     Intelligent, logical and pragmatic in making a decisions on the wide-range of issues that come before the BOE

●     Considers potential consequences of all options presented.

●     Works well with others, as well as takes into consideration suggestions from fellow board members, Administration and the community at large

●     Demonstrates equal regard for all stakeholders in the Highland Park schools, including students, teachers, Administrators and taxpayers

●     Committed to representing the Community of Highland Park, both in demeanor and professionalism

●     Demonstrates a respect for the law and ability to work within constraints of government , including NSSD 112’s Strategic Plan Practices a balance of data-driven decision-making with empathy for stakeholders affected by BOE decisions



●     Attentive to community concerns and priorities

●     Possesses respectful attitude toward all stakeholders

●     Interested in proactively soliciting feedback from the Community on a regular basis, either independently or with the Superintendent

●     Receptive and responsive to feedback received via emails from Community members and from others serving on the Board


Motivations for Seeking Office:

●     Convinced of the value of achieving the goals and purposes of the NSSD 112 Strategic Plan

●     Determined to provide best possible education for the children of Highland Park in terms of skills, knowledge, preparedness for High School and social/emotional growth

●     Dedicated to the long-term financial health and historic reputation of NSSD 112 school system

●     Dedication to achieving Community-wide consensus on the future direction of NSSD 112

●     Interest in building on work that has been completed by previous rounds of community volunteers