The Caucus is very pleased with these exceptionally strong candidates.
Strong Financial Acumen - Management Expertise -   Excellent Negotiating and Interpersonal Skills


Brent Ross

"I am a father of two pre-schoolers and husband to a wife that will never leave Highland Park. I make my living as a management consultant and have experience with large school district cost reduction. Aside from education, my passions are architecture and nature, which is why I am presently the chairman of Highland Park's Natural Resource Commission.  After joining the NSSD 112 Reconfiguration 2.0 committee, I decided to get more involved to increase the Board's focus on educational outcomes and decrease the focus on buildings.  I hope to improve educational outcomes, maintain as many neighborhood schools as possible, and align any interim plan with a future vision for the district.  When we do renovate, I look forward to creating beautiful new spaces for our kids and applying my knowledge of construction procurement to minimize the taxpayer impact."

Art Kessler Image.jpg

Art Kessler

"Leveraging my career in private equity and an MBA from Northwestern University I will work collaboratively with others to put in place a solution that community can accept while continuing to provide a world-class education for our children."


Jenks Profile.jpg

Dan Jenks

"I have a degree in economics , and I'm an attorney with an MBA.  I believe that finding principled compromises will help this board tackle the complicated work ahead of it.  We need a long-term plan developed through stakeholder engagement that balances educational best practices with community values, in a manner respectful of the community's tax dollars."