Get Involved

   Get Involved


To make our information more available, and candidates more accessible in 2017, we offer the following events for the community:

  • Candidate Forum: March 12
    • from 1:30-4pm in the North Shore School District Board Room on Green Bay Road.
  • League of Women Voters Candidates Forum: March 19
    • from 1:00-4:30pm at Highland Park Country Club; For more information click here for our Spring Voters Guide or visit their website at


As we are not a political action committee that promotes or supports one single perspective on an issue or agenda regarding education, the NSSD 112 Caucus members encourage each and every voter to:

  • Read materials we developed regarding the full scope of the job of serving on the NSSD 112 School Board;
  • Consider the list of desired qualities we considered in developing our questionnaire and debating potential endorsements;
  • Research each candidate running to serve on the Board of Education; and
  • Think strategically about Highland Park overall in the context of national, state and local markets as well as feeding into District 113 and how our Board of Education will need to function to best respond to these trends.